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Checking off "done" items from the calendar


I just submitted an assignment, yet it still is on my calendar - wouldn't it be great if the calendar could show that it is done?  Maybe with a green check to the side or on top of the completed item?


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    Charles Black

    Hi Roni,

    Thanks for sharing your idea, I think it's awesome!

    Take this upvote, you deserve it!

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    Margo Gore

    I absolutely agree, it would make it easier for students to focus on their upcoming tasks in a visual organizer rather than the "upcoming" list which would help them better prepare for the next days lessons.  There is also a positive psychological effect of seeing items checked off your list.  Perhaps once an assignment is submitted the text changes to strikethrough font.

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    Stephanie Barbosa

    I agree. Please add a check mark once an assignment has been submitted. Students should not have to go into each item to ensure that it has been completed. Also, as a parent it would make verifying missing items much easier. 

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    Allison Anderson

    Yes please, this seems like basic functionality that is missing.  It's nearly impossible for parents to determine what their children have left to do without any type of status indicators here or anywhere else that I've found.

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    Kay Sheehe

    Hi. I am a teacher with two kids of my own and we are all using Schoology. Please make this function available to somehow show when an assignment has been submitted in the upcoming list. It is impossible to track. My younger son is doing his work pretty much on his own, but I need to double check in the evening and I can see that this is going to be a big headache. I also just had several of my own students asking how to check these off which is why I checked support. Thank you.

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