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We would love for our parents to be able to view their student's report card online and eliminate the need for us to print and mail them. I realize that currently parents can view a report card online. However, it has these problems:

  • It takes too many clicks for a parent to view it. They have to click the "Grades" menu, then "Download Student Report," then select the grading period (I can't imagine most parents being able to figure out how to do that properly), then select the classes (again, parents are likely to do that wrong).
  • The report card has a place for parent's and teacher's signature. If we're allowing parents to view them online instead of printing them, this should be left off. Again, parents will get confused and think they need us to sign it.
  • A traditional grid view would be better, with subjects/courses as the row titles, and grading periods as the column headings.
  • The report card shows current grades as of that moment, whether or not those grades are official for the grading period. Again, another source of confusion: "What do you mean my son failed history? I printed his report card and he had a C." Never mind that the report card the parent printed was before the teacher entered final grades for the term.
  • Allow school administrators to flip a setting for the school as a whole which would indicate which grading periods should display on parent report cards like this. So, for example, when we're in the middle of the third quarter, the system admin could say that only grades from the first two quarters would display on the parent report card. That way we could make the grades "official" at a given date.
  • Also allow the system admin to decide if overall grades are displayed or not, for all students at once.
  • If we still wanted to print report cards, allow system admins to batch print these report cards, instead of one at a time as it currently is.

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    Mr. Wood

    This is an excellent idea. This an area where Schoology lags behind its competitors.

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