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Link to gradebook from an assignment page


When I have students complete an assignment in groups, sometimes only one student submits something to the Schoology dropbox.  If I want to give all the students in that group a grade for that project, I have to go to the gradebook.  I currently have multiple sections linked together so when I click gradebook on the left side of the screen, I then have to change the section and then find the assignment I want to modify.  It would be much easier if there was a way to open the gradebook just for one particular assignment in one particular section directly from that assignment page.


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    Elizabeth Woodman

    It would be EPIC if student GROUPS could "Tag" each other when one student is submitting for a collaborative team.  Educators clicking the tag could be linked to that team member's grade field for the same assignment in a partial frame?  That way you could have all ?3-6 team members grading open in the same frame as the assignment submission?

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