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Enterprise Subscriptions for individual teachers


I am at a school that will not offer (on a whole school basis) Schoology.  There are 5 of us who use Schoology, and we'd like to be able to subscribe to Enterprise for the additional features.  Is this a possibility


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    Bobby Leshikar

    Agreed! It’s a tough sell for smaller districts that already use another program - especially when Google Classroom and the GSuite are seen as viable alternatives. 

    I’m a huge Schoology fan, user, and advocate, but I will never have the support of the district to buy the Enterprise edition. I would have no problem personally paying for a yearly teacher subscription.

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    Deb Baltenberger

    Bobby Leshikar - you are so correct about the other programs.  I have shown my administrators how much better Schoology is for science and math concepts (formulas, subscripts & superscripts).  They acknowledge the benefits of Schoology but because the system is dedicated to the first program you listed above - they tell me to "fill in" the gaps found in the system purchased program with Schoology.  I'd rather just use Schoology and, like you, I'd be happy to pay for a yearly teacher subscription.

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    Moka Brown

    I would LOVE to have this option.  Unfortunately our school (private) selected their management system based on admin necessities (transcripts etc) rather than what would work best for student learning.  I've been using a schoology individual account for years but would love to be able to unlock the assessment features available to the enterprise users.  I would definitely pay a yearly fee these features.

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    Barry Burnette

    I would like too, my small school uses google classroom.

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    Elaine Garber

    I am working for 2 ESCs and we just don't have the numbers for us to purchase Enterprise. I have 150 kids in one ESC and 41 in the other. They even talked about buying one Schoology Enterprise account and sharing, but at $5000, it was out of our range. It's supposed to be $10 per student per year, which we could do, but the minimum is $5000, which would be 500 seats. Can't you bring it down to a smaller number? I understand the difficulty of offering support to tiny schools, but those of us who are juggling 200 students in 12 different districts. ugh! I put ALL my level one students in one class of 131 and it's easier to grade, but getting the grades out for the districts is crazy. All I need is to be able to make separate sections, which I understand would mean I could add content once and it would populate to all my sections, and changes could be easily be made to all my sections. Just this one feature, if they would have an intermediate level between free and Enterprise with a minimum of maybe 100, would benefit a lot of small schools.

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