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Automatic saving of drafts


Please, please, PLEASE modify Schoology announcements ("updates"), etc., to automatically save drafts, like every other messaging system in the universe.  4 times in the past two weeks I've lost entire long messages simply by clicking away for a second  ...and when I return, the message has vanished itself.


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    Elizabeth Woodman

    AGREE !  Students also get SOOOOOO frustrated to lose content in create tabs... I actually advise them to start in google docs and then cut paste link or content to avoid issues. 

    I've also lost test questions I'm adding because I'm jumping between drive or website resources trying to build / edit / cite.

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    Elizabeth Charles

    Basic auto-save drafting  of ALL types of posts is essential for an organized teacher!! My school is just starting to use Schoology this year, and I will be sticking to Google Classroom, where I can actually plan ahead and not have to worry about re-doing my work.

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