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Add webm video support...since FLASH is no longer supported on Chromebooks


Since FLASH is no longer supported on Chromebooks we need a way for students to upload videos from their Chromebooks.  Chromebooks natively record videos on the device using webm video format and saves directly to the device/drive.  Students can upload those videos as files to Schoology but they are not converted by order to view them the reader must download the video and use something like VLC.  

Please add webm support to the conversion process for videos uploaded from Chromebooks!


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    Chris Deis

    I'll add, it would be great if Schoology could partner with Screencastify and have a way to embed/submit to Schoology from a Screencastify recording.  

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    Yes. There is no way a teacher is going to download a video file for a hundred or more students. Student screen casting is a powerful visible learning strategy. Schoology needs to support this practice.

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