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The Death of Flash


Many of Schoology's interesting features require the use of Adobe Flash.  With Adobe killing Flash in less than 2 years, many browsers and school IT equipment prevent the use of Flash entirely.  At our school, for example, students are unable to use Flash for the majority of websites. 

This causes a number of problems when my students attempt to use Schoology, the most recent of which is the video/audio recording interface built into the Submissions UI.  My students are entirely unable to use this feature, which was a major draw originally for us to use Schoology in the first place.

Pushing this issue off on school IT personnel is not acceptable.  I am requesting that Schoology move to using proper, modern website design and leave Flash before it's too late.


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    Yimei Shao Comentario oficial

    Hi all, 

    I'm happy to announce that Deprecating Adobe Flash Player is now In Development on our Product Roadmap! 

    In order to follow the progress of items on our roadmap, click Follow on each section of the roadmap:

    In Research

    In Development 


    Check the Product Roadmap for any updates about this feature. Please note that the development, release, and timing of any products, features, or functionality remains at the sole discretion of Schoology and is subject to change.

    Thank you for your interest, feedback, and continued patience while we work to make Schoology even better! 


    Yimei Shao
    Knowledge Management Associate
    Schoology, Inc.

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    Chris Deis

    Completely support this request.  We recently adopted Schoology and one of the features that teachers wanted was the ability to record and post.  

    Schoology, hopefully you will find the room to move HTML5 integration of the recording feature up on your roadmap ASAP!

    Thank you!

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    Jen Palmer

    I believe I was that teacher (hi Chris!).  Is there any current workaround in the meantime?  The use of camera features has become essential to what I'm doing in the classroom.


    One student told me she could download a camera app from Chrome store as a workaround at home, but couldn't replicate this on a school computer.


    Any helpful workaround suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    Greg King



    I was presented with a workaround from Schoology that was tedious and required changes in the Admin Console for Chromebooks.  We attempted to get it to work, but were unable to.  

    If you have Chromebooks which have access to the Google Play Store and can download Android apps, my current workaround is installing the Schoology Android app on the Chromebooks and recording that way.

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    Chris Deis

    As a sort-of-work-around students can use the camera capture app on the Chromebook (built into the OS) and then save that file to the device/drive.  Then, upload that video file to Schoology.

    Issue 1: this is too many steps, but still workable

    Issue 2: The native video format of the Chromebook is webm format, which is not a format Schoology will convert to play within Schoology.  So, Schoology, if you are listening, can you add webm as a video format your servers can convert and play in the page?


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    Charles Black

    Hi Chris!

    This is a great Feature Idea (adding conversion support for webm video format)! Please consider adding it as its own Feature Idea here:


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    Ben Bohmfalk

    I posted a detailed suggestion specific to the A/V recorder, but it was removed since it mentioned Flash and so does this one. 

    Additional details on suggestions for improving the A/V recorder when it's rebuilt are to enable students to view the Assignment Description while recording, since that's where teachers post the prompt. Otherwise, teachers have to provide a paper copy of the prompt so students can see it while recording. 

    I just created a step by step document for 3rd-4th grade ELD teachers to help their students use the A/V recorder on an upcoming assignment, so I'll attach it to this post in case anyone else finds it helpful. It's amazing that it takes that many steps to use this essential tool and I look forward to a simpler workflow when it's rebuilt. I don't see this on the Product Roadmap, which is concerning. 

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    Andrea Fuentes

    Please ditch Flash. I want to use audio/video on discussion boards and my MacBook Pro isn't working with Chrome and Flash.


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    Colin Bridgewater

    I'd like to echo the plea to ditch Flash. Even though I'll be able to walk the teachers at my school through the process of getting the Chrome browser to allow Flash, the fact that the resulting files are .flv and can't be watched within the web browser makes recording audio / video files as feedback to students pretty pointless.

    I hope that whatever Schoology comes up with as a replacement will allow the resulting audio and video files to be embedded right there on the Page, Discussion, Assignment, or Rubric so that all the user has to do is the click the play button to watch / listen to the file.

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    Mr. Paccio

    This was sent to me by our Schoology rep following our Spring phone conference last week. I'm not sure what the "browser limitation" note is all about. I would encourage others to reach out to their Schoology rep to confirm this report.

    "Good news-- I have an update on Flash! I've learned Flash for the audio/video recording on the web version will be replaced by the end of June 2019. Schoology will be modified to use HTML5 Audio/Video recording wherever a browser supports the standard, and will gracefully fallback to Flash (or alternatives) only where a browser has no other option. Since this is a browser limitation, this is the same for all LMS and classroom file-sharing tools."

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    Colin Bridgewater

    Mr. Paccio: Thanks for sharing that info from your rep! That's definitely good news. I wonder why Schoology doesn't include that info on their Product Roadmap?

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    Nadjib Aktouf

    Flash for audio/video recording is a pain on modern browsers and I hope that it will be replaced with HTML5 as part of Schoology's summer updates. 

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