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Assessment scoring by question


Schoology wish! It would be excellent if when scoring questions on a schoology assessment if I could scroll by question rather than student... maybe in the questions tab... or a drop down option! It's so much easier to score all #14 questions and then return to all #15 per say than to toggle back and forth student to student! 


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    Hello All,

    Rest assured, scoring by question will remain available in Test/Quizzes until we officially roll this feature our for Assessments!

    Not only can you check our progress through our Product Roadmap but now, you can also receive notifications on our progress by following a project on the Roadmap!

    Thank you for your continued patience while we work to bring you more of the good stuff!

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    This is huge! Another reason I am worried about the transition from Test/Quiz to Assessments. Will this be available as a feature by the time Test/Quiz is discontinued?

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