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Ability to sort by question in new assessments like in Test/Quiz


In test/quiz you could view the submissions by question - so grade all responses to question 1, then all responses to question 2, and so on. This seems to not be available in the new assessments tool. 

Many teachers in my district have requested this!


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    Charles Black Comentario oficial

    Hey Everyone! 


    This feature is currently on our Product Roadmap!

    What's more: you can FOLLOW this feature and we'll notify you when its status changes: - Just click the Follow button at the top right of the page.

    Thank you for all of your excitement and support for this feature!


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    Mrs. Fetrow

    YESSS!!!! I do not like having to grade each test individually... I liked grading question by question.

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    Mirella Prado

    Same here! Any ideas if this is a feature that will be implemented?

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    Ms. Laing


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    Richard (student) Hung (student)

    We need this feature. 

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    Mr. Rasmussen

    I agree, need this feature! 

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    Kay Solomon

    Why does this feature not exist anymore? This feature in the old version was incredibly useful; it would seem that the developers would recognize (or at least ask) teacher need and preference for such a widely used feature.

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    Lisa Shockey

    Why would this feature be available for a quiz, but not for assessment? 

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    Nicki Shackleford

    Hi, Kay and Lisa -

    I wanted to reach out and clarify that this option is still available for the Test/Quiz material type in Schoology. Assessments are a newer option, and our product team has been working hard on new features to make our Assessments the best solution for testing in Schoology. In fact, the ability to grade student responses by question is already on our Product Roadmap: Ability to Grade Assessments by Question

    We've also created this help article with the latest information on the transition from Test/Quiz to Assessments: Assessments: What will happen to my Test/Quizzes?

    I hope this helps!


    Nicki Shackleford
    Knowledge Manager
    Schoology, Inc.

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    Ms. Willats

    Is there an anticipated timeline for implementation?

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    Charles Black

    Hello Ms. Willats,

    Although we do not have a timeline for this release, you can follow each section of our Product Roadmap to be notified as soon as new features are released in Schoology. More information is available here: 

    Thank you!

    Charles, Schoology Team

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