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Get notified when student submits an assignment that has been marked as missing.

When an assignment is marked as missing in the gradebook, the assignment gets a score of zero and gets the little orange hexagon in the score cell.
This is good, but the unfortunate thing is that when that student submits an assignment, the teacher does not get notified that the assignment has been submitted and needs to be graded since the zero is technically a grade.
I'd like to have a notification setting created for assignments that were marked as missing as well as a notification setting just for past due submissions. 

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    Jim Chaffee

    5 years now people have been asking for this. Why is this not already in there?

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    Melissa Graves

    Why is this still a an "idea" after 6 years and the top vote getter here in this feature area???

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    Todd Slater

    It is the Schoology way...

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