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Include name of assignment on Schoology assignment submission page


The NAME OF THE SCHOOLOGY ASSIGNMENT IS NOT ANYWHERE ON THE PAGE on the assignment submission screen when viewing an individual student assignment.

When grading an assignment it would be only appropriate that the name of the assignment should be on the submission grading page for each student submission of that assignment. From my grade-book I frequently use the "open tab in new window" option. It seems that Schoology would find the title of the assignment important enough to put somewhere on the submission page.

Multiple places could hold the assignment title: on the tab label, on the url, above the viewable submission, in the revision history panel.

The title of the submitted assignment by the student which could easily be titled incorrectly.

Schoology has helped so much with ease of grading by modifying the gradebook to highlight graded with new submissions and missing with new submissions. THANK YOU! This is just another piece in the puzzle to make my job a little easier.


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