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Why are the assignments that are listed to sync in alphabetical order this year instead of by due date?  I have to go to multiples pages when I want to sync individual grades.  It would be really great if you could choose which order you wanted them to be listed in.


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    Ms. Hwang

    Our teachers run into this same issue, especially because most of them import courses from past semesters, so by Day 1 of the school year, some already have 7 pages worth of assignments to click through (in the sync status log).

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    Mrs. Demumbreum

    1. I would LOVE to be able to sync from the assignment page! How simple that would be to use!!! I can do everything else from that page. Once I grade it then select SAVE option or SAVE and SYNC Option. Novel. Help VOTE UP this feature on this link:

    2. The PowerSchool page is nearly random in order, Alphabetical? Unsynced? This quarter and next quarter? Once I feel like I have it figured out I realize that I don't. So, frustrating. It would be great if we could organize it by quarter, alpha, and/or due date. Help VOTE UP this feature on this link:

    3.The PowerSchool page needs to be more efficient. My page has 6 tabs and I can only view half of the information on each tab because I have to scroll through it. Why can this not be on one single page without scrolling (like the LockDown Broswer page) or multiple tabs with no scrolling necessary. Help VOTE UP this feature on this link:

    4. I want to be able to right click on the assignment live links from the PowerSchool page make my change and then refresh the PowerSchool page. It seems that I have to go back to the course page and find the assignment again if I get an ERROR code that I need to change the assignment because I forgot to add a category or something.

    5. I want all of my grades, comments, flags and codes to translate into PowerSchool.  Help VOTE UP this feature on this link:

    I loved it when I first started using Schoology because it seemed efficient and synced directly to PowerSchool but then some assignments don't show up as resubmitted and I have to go looking for them or I have to open a guest window to sync because there is an issue with Google Chrome. Now that I have figured out how much time it is taking me to get it all done I am actually considering going back to paper and pencil again. I have been using Schoology for 5 years!! I can grade that paper stuff much faster. :( I traded copier issue time for Schoology issue time. Please make me fall in LOVE with Schoology again.

    Sincerly, Schoology Heavy-User

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    ADMIN Kieffer

    It's been four years since this has been posted....any movement on it?

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