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Print Rubrics?


It would be nice if teachers and students could print rubrics. Can you create a "printer friendly" version that would work? Like you do with the Quiz? Our teachers are creating new rubrics in Schoology (that they don't have in another system or a document). It would be nice to print these out when needed.



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    That is a great idea! I have some more ideas about how to improve rubrics in Schoology as well. Here is my post:

    If you agree, please upvote the post so we can improve the rubric feature of Schoology! 

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    Nicosia Danielowski

    I would also really like to print rubrics!

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    Marc Addington

    Yes! Printing rubrics would be wonderful.

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    Cara Jago

    I agree. I spend time creating them in schoology, then have to re-create them to print out for the students. I just did that and it took about 20 minutes :-/

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    Helaine Levin

    I have a quick work-around. Bring the rubric up by clicking on the assignment. Click command-shift-4 to take a screen shot of just the rubric. Then you can print directly from there! Use the scaling option on the printer to resize if you need to.

    It's not the best solution out there, but it does the trick!

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