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Could the threshold on workload planner be set to 1?  I ask this because our special ed and co-teachers use the tool to more closely monitor their students. Unless a particular student has more than one assignment / quiz nothing shows up on the matrix.  If there is another way for one teacher to see all of his students' assignments and assessments in one, convenient location?


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    Ching Ng Comentario oficial

    Thank you for your feedback, Kevin. I've moved this topic to our Feature Request area so that other users can see it and upvote it to show support. We definitely understand the need for special ed.


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    Jason Hank

    I agree with Kevin.  Is there one, convenient place for a teacher to see all of a student's upcoming tests and assignments.  This is what our special ed teachers ask about the most.

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    Mr. Householder

    I agree with J. Hank and Kevin.

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