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After students complete an assessment, it would be nice for them to see which questions they got wrong.  Right now, the only options for assessment review is "No", "Yes", and "Yes with answers".  I wish there was an option where students could see their submission once (right after they submit it).

I don't want to change it to "Yes" or "Yes with answers" because then students who have my class in the morning can log on and show the entire test to students who have my class in the afternoon.



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    Paulette Adams

    This is the main reason why we are not using the assessment feature. No reason to give 2nd attempt if students cannot review wrong answers.


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    Paulette Adams

    I love all of the assesment types 18 types which are way better than quiz/test but we cannot use it because in order for students to achieve mastery they must know what they got wrong and choose new answers.

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