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Improve Rubric & Grading Scale Integration


I would like to be able to score an assignment with a rubric via points and have the overall point score on the rubric be handled by a pass/fail or similar grading scale. 

We have a self-paced class where students earn credit when mastery is reached on an assignment. The custom grading scale we have set up says "Mastery Reached" when students score 85 or higher on something and "Retake/Redo" when they do not. This provides great messaging for the students as they work through the course but we're unable to score any submissions this way with a rubric since the only integration with Grading scales applies to the criteria and not the overall score,

We really need to be able to score a 20 point assignment with a rubric and based on the OVERALL rubric score, apply a scale that gives the Mastery or Redo messaging that is described above.


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