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how to remove a course from a previous year


when i open schoology my courses from previous years are still there. how can i remove them if there is no way to contact the teachers.



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    Ching Ng Comentario oficial

    Hi Gabriel,

    I have created a support ticket for our Help Center to address your concern. Thanks for your continued support of the Schoology Community.


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    David, Angel, Trinity, Staria, and Cody Enfinger

    I have the same issue? Is there any way to remove last years courses?

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    Lori Muirhead

    I also have the same question.  If a teacher did not create the course, does she have to contact the teacher who did create the course to be removed from it?  

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    william zaifman

    I have the same issue...

    what is the guys are taking your sweet time to allow students to remove a has been over 2 month since the first post

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    Michelle Masztak

    How do I remove my son's classes from last year?

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    Charles Black

    Hello Michelle,

    In this case, your son's school manages his Schoology account and course enrollments, therefore, you will need to contact your student's school to update his account.

    If you are not able to contact the school please let us know and we will reach out on your behalf.


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