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Test / Quiz: Passwords and Timing


We would like to add extra security to online assessments. We would love to see the ability to add a password to the assessment as well as schedule a specific time for different sections to take the assessment


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    Nicki Shackleford Comentario oficial

    Hi, all -

    Thank you for your continued patience and helpful feedback on password protection for tests. I'm pleased to announce that we've released the ability to require a password for assessments. Instructors can set different passwords for each linked section to prevent students from sharing with other classes. For Enterprise instructors who are using assessments in courses or AMP, you can use this feature now! 

    Basic users, stay tuned for more information on Assessments and when they will be available to you. We've been working hard on new features to make our Assessments the best solution for testing in Schoology. Check out our June Release Notes for more info!

    If there's something you're waiting to see before you move to Assessments, you can follow our Product Roadmap to see changes coming down the pipeline. As always, you can post in our Community forums with any specific questions or ideas.


    Nicki Shackleford
    Knowledge Manager
    Schoology, Inc.

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    Jennifer Barczyk

    We were able to set availability last year, and when classes weren't linked this was workable.  Now, with linked classes, it's awful setting up a quiz.  If I make it available to the thirty students in front of me, it's also available to the ninety who are not in front of me.  It would be way better if we could at least limit availability by section. 

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    Eric Hall

    This is a significant omission in the development of linked sections: quiz submissions should be customizable per section just like other assignments! 

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