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Mastery Features for Standards Based Grading


My school is looking to use mastery to help report out student grades but there are a few features limiting our ability to do this:
1) Overriding or hide overall mastery score
2) Arrange assignments in mastery chronologically
3) Arrange learning objects alphabetically (or custom)
4) Replace mastery number on chart with scale descriptions


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    Dean Lea

    I agree this would be a great help.

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    Tyler Beatty

    To add a fifth feature that could make the Mastery more usable, would be to choose which category of assessment is shown. This would be useful for teachers to only see summative (test) grades rather than summative and formative mixed.

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    Bill Canham

    Suggestions look great, except I would still like to see the number kept, it is a quicker, more straight forward read.  

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    Greg Ladner

    Agree with you Tyler - we are looking for more flexibility

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    Mr. Stanerson

    We are running into issues with the Schoology Mastery View. It seems the order of the columns is changing on us as we enter scores. How does Schoology determine what order the Mastery Grading Columns show up and then export into a spreadsheet?

    We would also like to request the ability to group learning objectives as subtotals into a single category.  

    We are also looking for more flexibility.  Thanks for any response.

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    Angela Weston

    Agreed - especially items 3 and 4. Customizing the view / arrangement of objectives would be really helpful. 

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