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Rich text editor buggy. Requesting software update.


I have been using the equation editor to make quizzes this year, and the images that result have been very buggy. For instance, I might enter an equation that involves specific math symbols or even just a fraction. If I am making a multiple choice question, I often would like to copy and paste something I have make in the equation editor and then go back in and make small changes to provide a different choice. There is no problem to copy and paste directly, but if I try to enter the equation editor for a cloned image, it opens and simply says "undefined." It won't let me edit a copy/pasted image even though it was created in Schoology. I have also experienced problems with a few rich text images not showing up in a question on a quiz. For my most recent quiz, I imported questions from my test generator (Pearson Test Gen), which have rich text equations in them. I found that they showed up fine on my teacher account, but many students were taking a quiz that was missing 1 or 2 of the choices on a multiple choice test. This is extremely frustrating because it defeats the purpose of giving quizzes on Schoology. This needs to be a platform that streamlines things like this to make quizzes and tests seamless and bug free. Normally, I wouldn't complain about buggy software, but when the software doesn't perform as expected, it creates chaos in the classroom. Please help!


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    Jerod Allen Comentario oficial

    Hi Nicholas,

    Our Engineering team has just released an update that I believe addresses your concerns with the equation editor. Give it a try and let me know if you have any further issues or questions.


    Dan  |  Schoology Community Advisor

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    M. Magnuson

    And no response from Schoology. 

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