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Feature Request: Download Portfolio


Please consider an option for students to download their portfolios - portability of work after graduation would be nice!


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    Charles Black Comentario oficial

    Hey All!

    We are very happy to say that this feature has been implemented in Schoology. You can now download Portfolios to a .zip file right from the Portfolio itself. More details via this Help Article:

    Thanks again for all of your great ideas! Keep them coming.

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    Mrs. Pam Schroeder

    I agree that students need to be able to export their portfolios. When students leave a district they need to be able to take this work with them. Otherwise, students and teachers will be more apt to use another portfolio options such as building folders in Google Drive. 

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    Heather Crockett

    I completely agree and hope to see a download feature soon. 

    The Art of Education has been using Schoology's Portfolio feature for several months now. It is a really handy platform. We would like to use it even more, but there is a pretty sizable drawback. Although portfolios can be shared with a link, they are unable to be downloaded. We feel the ability to download and save the portfolio would be a HUGE asset to our classes. Teachers often need to create paper portfolios and could benefit from the ability to print their portfolio or download it as a PDF. This way the design could be shared on blogs, classroom websites, inside teacher portfolios for yearly review, etc. It would also allow better sharing between classmates - something we definitely encourage at the post-graduate level.

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    Rebekah Kotlar

    I would like my middle school students to be able to bring their work with them & build on what they have already accomplished

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    Michiel van der Blonk

    This problem is bigger than I suspected. It's not just that the portfolio can't be downloaded, I can't even download single items from the portfolio. There is a strange format and link to the items. Images can't even be viewed separately in tabs to download them, not even the browser developer tools could download them.

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