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Printing Rubrics


Sometimes I like to print my rubrics off and give them to students. Right now, it is really hard to print rubrics off and get them formatted correctly to get all the info on the page. Would it be possible for you to create a Print Rubric Feature in?


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    Lorraine Kennedy

    I would love to see the option of being able to export the rubric to a pdf so that I could send home a paper copy if needed. Also, sometimes it's easy to put the score in, but easier to score a digital paper with a paper rubric.

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    Nina Harasika

    YES!!! I just contacted them about this. They told me that there is no way to do this now and we need to say there is a need for it. How do we do that? Vote? I also want to insert pictures into it. As a science teacher showing them how it should be labeled could be very valuable

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    I definitely need printed rubrics for our hallway displays of work that meets standard!

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    Eric Hall

    There are MANY requests for this feature. Schoology folks, these threads should be merged!

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    Stacy Newman

    YES, Please add this feature - we should be able to print out completed rubrics to give to students!

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    Melinda Farrington

    There is a need to print rubrics! My students are giving presentations this week and I would like to be able to grade using the rubric - 

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    Becky Nannen

    We definitely need this feature!


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    Samantha Serrano

    How is this not possible? So annoying.

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