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Default to "Submissions Disabled"


TO avoid the problematic "overdue" column, please add a feature where a teacher can make "Submissions Disabled" the default setting for a course.


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    Susan (Ed Tech Coach) Cornett

    I agree!  There are many schools that are using Schoology that are NOT 1:1 schools, so more items need "Submissions Disabled". Being able to set that as the default would be wonderful!

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    Tami Lunsford

    YES!  I love that we CAN enable submissions, but for the assignments that are done in class or on paper, making this easier would be great.

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    Eric Hall
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    Dr. Harrison

    This thread has been active for three years, and there's still no response or action from Schoology.  The fact that we as a school cannot set our own default to disable digital submissions is a constant source of frustration when parents continually receive overdue notifications on assignments that were completed.  It puts us in a very difficult situation, is difficult to explain to parents, and makes Schoology look bad.  As we review our technology services this year, this will be a major consideration in our review of whether Schoology meets our needs and whether we should adopt a different LMS.

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    Diane Main (Admin)

    This means extra steps for every single one of the assignments a teacher creates. (Mine are currently having to both disable assignments in most cases AND change the due TIME to 8:00 am.)

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