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Let Teachers see Parents' Last Login


Currently Teachers can see their students' most recent logins. They cannot, however, see if their parents are logging in. An Admin can see this information, but it is lumped in with other System Analytics including seeing teacher login history, IP addresses and other sensitive/technical information.

Let's add functionality for teachers seeing parent login history. In addition, a function to see "parents who have not logged in recently" would be nice.


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    Jonathan Barkand

    This is a great point and one that comes up often when talking with teachers. While a parent can come into your class at a local school, you know they are there and looking around and you can talk to them about what they may see. But not knowing when/if parents are checking our your course is like having a ghost in your classroom. Tracking parents is just as useful as tracking students (parents tend to ask more questions!).

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    Nadjib Aktouf

    I completely agree. This would be especially helpful for teachers of early childhood and lower elementary grades.

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    Brad Pfrommer

    This would be an important tool to collect data concerning parent involvement and student success.

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