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It would be great to have the option of making a test/quiz password protected. While I know you make a test or quiz available at a certain date, you cannot make it available at a certain time and students typically look into the quiz before the class period. Even if time was an option, it is a lot for the teacher to remember to make the test/quiz available right within the class period.


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    Nicki Shackleford Comentario oficial

    Hi, all -

    Thank you for your continued patience and helpful feedback on password protection for tests. I'm pleased to announce that we've released the ability to require a password for assessments. For Enterprise instructors who are using assessments in courses or AMP, you can use this feature now! 

    Basic users, stay tuned for more information on Assessments and when they will be available to you. We've been working hard on new features to make our Assessments the best solution for testing in Schoology. Check out our June Release Notes for more info!

    If there's something you're waiting to see before you move to Assessments, you can follow our Product Roadmap to see changes coming down the pipeline. As always, you can post in our Community forums with any specific questions or ideas.


    Nicki Shackleford
    Knowledge Manager
    Schoology, Inc.

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    TIC Turner

    Love this idea!

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    Dave Meyer

    This is a very critical feature needed for alternative open-entry/open-exit competency-based programs that do not have specified due dates for assessments. Other LMS's do offer this feature. Would be great to see Schoology move in that direction.

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    Lori Belzman

    This feature would be extremely helpful as we have an open entry/open exit school. Students work at their own pace, so we are not able to assign due dates. Making this available to individual students is very time-consuming for the teachers. I know other LMSs offer this feature as well. Please consider making this an option.

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    Tami Hocker

    This is a very needed feature for our schools. When we were looking at different LMS options it was a negative that Schoology did not offer this option. With our open entry/open exit enrollment, teachers do not have the luxury of setting a specific testing window access to assessment items for large groups of students. It is also very time consuming for the teacher to stop working with students and go to their computer or smartphone to turn on access to a specific test for each student as they are ready for them. Simply entering a password that they already know on a student computer is much more convenient and a feature they already have on the LMS we are currently using. Our teachers were very disappointed to hear that if we purchase Schoology we will lose the ability to set passwords on assessments to control access.

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    Aaron Zech - Schoology Tech Support

    I agree

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    Our Biology students take their quizzes and tests outside of the classroom in the campus Testing Center. The current fix of creating a one question password quiz linked to the original quiz is time consuming to create, and is confusing for the students and Testing Center personnel.


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