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The current feature request system is incredibly difficult to navigate and does not seem to be moderated or curated at all. There are duplicate topics that spread out votes and there is no easy way to search for feature requests to upvote, rather than create a new request. There are topics posted here that are just general help, not feature requests.

I do understand that when people are posting new things every day, keeping up with this may be a challenge. A tagging system for requests might help to make requests more searchable. So if I want a feature pertaining to quizzez & tests, then I could either search by that tag or, if a request does not exist, then I could attach that tag for future users. It just seems that some small improvements of the system could go a long way in providing strong new features that will enhance the experience for all parties involved.


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    Ms. McKay

    I second this request. Adding tag fields that readers can add would help "crowd-source" the work of organizing the feature requests. As it is, I'm sure that I not have found/seen all feature requests that I would vote up if I knew about them. I also wonder if the fact that there are many different requests for similar features somehow "dilutes" the power of upvoting, since if the numbers for each request are small, perhaps Schoology doesn't prioritize that feature - but if all of the votes were combined on one request, the numbers would be more impressive, and catch the eye of Schoology developers.

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    Steven Wiersum

    Yup.  Ditto.  Seems like there should be some "flow chart" for feature requests.  Like a bunch of radio buttons that can lead to a menu...and another radio button labeled "other."

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