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Could we please have a "Sync All" button in the PowerSchool sync tab? Syncing each assignment separately is a total pain, but I can see how it might be nice for some users. I would love a small check box or button at the top that would let me Sync All.


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    David Kalk

    Also, for classes with linked sections, it would be nice to have the other sections sync automatically instead of having to manually sync each item.

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    Matt Feiling

    Please look into adding this

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    Mrs. Demumbreum

    Excellent idea for the sync all checks. And I agree that sections are not syncing the same when linked. Today I had all correctly dated assignments sync with the last date of the grading cycle appearing in PowerSchool as though there were no dates on the assignment. Once class synced correctly and the other class synced did not.

    It might be nice to have an auto-sync feature for completed assignments that you could check or uncheck per item for that feature.

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    Jeff Brock

    I agree this would be a huge timesaver since we continually have trouble with the live sync. This feature was first requested back in 2013!

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