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I need to deactivate my account and I cant because Im stuck in two courses, the teacher that made them isnt very tech savvy at all and he will not be able to do it, so I either need schoology to do it or i need a way to do it myself, please help.


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    Hi Anna,

    Students are not able to unenroll themselves from courses. In order to remove yourself from old courses, you will need to contact the Course Admin and ask him or her to archive the course, unenroll you, or delete the course.

    You can reach the Course Admin by navigating to the Members tab of the course and clicking the gear icon to the right of the Course Admin's name (the Course Admin will have the crown icon next to their name). Select Send Message from the dropdown message to contact him or her.

    If you are unable to successfully contact your Course Admin, please contact the Schoology Help Desk by clicking Submit a Request at the top of this page.


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