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We desperately need the ability to view the current grading period's grades in the Summary tab of the Advisor view.

We don't use the "Overall" grade - we have two separate Semester grades. A grade that combines the two of them is useless to us.

However, the Summary tab of the Advisor, Parent, and Student views will ONLY display the Overall grade. For our counselors to quickly check on their students and see an overall picture, navigating to the "Grades" tab and expanding each course is 1) time consuming, and 2) unwieldy with the long list of assignments.

Please give us the ability to display the current grading period in the Summary tab.


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    Ms. McKay

    This is a great idea.  I would add that Advisors need a way to see what (if any) items are overdue.

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    Timothy Wong

    I agree. This should be done pretty easily with hot links to the classes in the grades that they are reporting the current grade in the grading term. For advisors and administrators, this would be a tremendous help to be able to counsel students as to their progress and areas of concerns.  Please work on this and address this issue!

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