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Duplicate/Copy Quiz Question


It would nice to have the option to copy or duplicate the questions we create within a quiz or test for similarly formatted questions.


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    Charles Black Comentario oficial

    Hello All,

    We are happy to let you know that the ability to copy or clone questions is available in Schoology Assessments.

    To clone a question, follow these steps:

    - Within the assessment, click the Questions tab.

    - Locate the question you want to copy and click the three vertical dots, to the far right.

    - Choose 'Copy' to copy or clone the question.

    The copied question will appear at the bottom of the assessment.

    For more information about all the AWESOME things that you can do with Assessments, please visit:

    Thank you for your patience!

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    Ms. Wilson

    Yes, I agree. It is time consuming having to type in the same question or answer choices. I really wish they add that functionality.

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    Alyce Kenee (Aly)

    YES. I just decided not to use Schoology for the quiz I am about to make. I am asking students to identify the parts of the sentence. I don't want to type answers: subject - direct object - indirect object - subject complement - object complement - appositive phrase - prepositional phrase ...... again and again and again......

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    Adam L.

    Currently this is supported but only within an Assessment bank, and it takes many clicks.

    "Copy to Question Bank", then browse to current Assessment bank.

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    James Kearns

    I don't understand the difficulty in adding this capability? If the original resource exists and is well-defined, why would duplicating it be any problem? Seems as though it should be easy to add and I'm guessing it is rather important to many or most users.

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    Juan Pedro Lobatón Cebrián

    Please, add this capability of duplicating questions.

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    Miss Wright

    Completely agree, it is clunky and frankly unbelievable that the basic functionality of copying a question is not already part of Schoology, especially seeing that this request is now over 3 years old. Please add this functionality.

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    Emily Hancock

    Yes! I would love to have a copy/duplicate option so I can more easily alter my regular assessments to service my accommodated students.

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