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Bulk lock and unlock assignments


We need to have the ability to bulk lock and unlock assignments


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    Candace Magraw

    I agree. It would be nice under the bulk edit to be able to CHECK BOX the assignments we want to eliminate from the students' submission list.

    I know we can lock the due date of the assignment when it is created. However, if we forget or want to change that later, it is cumbersome to do it ONE AT A TIME.

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    Paul Schlangen

    This would be a great feature to include in the bulk edit portion of the gradebook. 

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    Tiffany Orzel

    We need a lock/unlock option in bulk edit. My students still try to turn in work from term 1 because it is unlocked... even though I told them it won't be graded. I just started using the lock button, and I love it!

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    Jennifer Barczyk

    This makes a lot of sense in the bulk edit feature.  I know that kids tend to find all kinds of unlocked assignments at the end of the trimester, making time management impossible and frustration levels skyrocket.  I have to tell students over and over that they may not continue to turn in missing work.  Being able to say "Lock all course tasks," or "Disable all assessments" would suffice for me, as well. 

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    Tiffany Orzel

    ^ Jennifer, I couldn't have said it better myself! :D 

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    Eunice Au

    Agreed. Locking by bulk is essential!

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    Ms. Sutter

    Having a bulk lock feature is necessary! We use iPads and in order to reduce the number of assignments in the list of what students can submit to, we either unpublish completed items or lock them. Unfortunately, we discovered that unpublishing items changes the overall grade that students see, which is confusing for the students. This leaves us with the lock feature, but having to go into assignments and individually lock them is a waste of time. The schedule lock feature is useful, but most teachers are not able to plan that far out. It would be so helpful to have a lock option either in the Bulk Edit section of the Gradebook or to be able to lock an entire folder so that it applies to all items within it. Please consider adding this feature!

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