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Create an editable copy of Google Doc assignment for each student, like Google Classroom does


When a teacher creates an assignment based on a Google Doc, we would like to have the option of "create a copy for each student" just like in Google Classroom, so each student can edit their own copy of the original assignment and then submit it. I understand that there is a workaround requiring you to change the URL to read "copy" instead of "edit," but few teachers will do this, and it still lacks Google Classroom's functionality of renaming each student's document and putting it in a folder in their Drive. If we adopt Schoology district-wide next year and it lacks this functionality, many of our teachers will either keep using Classroom instead of Schoology, or have to use both systems just because of this missing feature. With so many Schoology users on Chromebooks and Google Apps for Education, this is critical to a seamless workflow. Thanks!


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