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Align entire test/quiz to standards


I would like to be able to align an entire test or quiz to standards instead of having to align each individual question. The same feature that exists in assignments should also exist in tests/quizzes.


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    Ms. Costanzo

    I would also love the ability to make global changes. I rarely align an entire test to a single standard, but I do often have several questions within a test that would address the same standard. The number of steps it takes to do this is cumbersome and time-consuming, which means I often skip a step that would GREATLY help in data analysis!

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    Jennifer Barczyk

    Even if we could select the standard and then check off which questions it will apply to at once,it would be so helpful.  For example, ten of the questions on a vocab quiz should connect to the same standard.  Allow us to check them off all at the same time, instead of digging into each question one by one.  By eliminating so many clicks, you'd save us a lot of time. 

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    Sam Woitalewicz

    I second this thread. I would really like it to be easier to align standards to assessments like quizzes.

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    Paul Schlangen

    This is definitely needed as people may have tests/ quizzes created and be asked to align standards to questions after they've created them all. 

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    Audrey Langley
    • It would be great to assign a standard to a whole test, just like a regular assignment.

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    Mr Mohamed Luqman Suhaib *

    Yes please - I really think it would be great if the feature allows you both options - where you align learning objectives to the whole quiz, and then individually modify the settings for each question within the quiz, or have the ability to, say, select multiple questions using checkboxes, then set the learning outcomes for those selected questions in one shot.

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