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While taking two out of three attempts on quiz, I got error message and was unable to finish my quiz.


Can I take the quiz one more time?


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    Kelsey Collins Comentario oficial

    Hi Jong Seo,

    Could you please submit a ticket to our Support team to report this issue? You can reach Schoology Support by clicking Submit Request at the top of this page.

    When submitting your ticket, please include a link to your test and either a screenshot or a description of the error message. This will help our team investigate what happened during your quiz.

    Kelsey Collins

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    Jong Lee

    I don't understand what the ticket (submitting a ticket) means. Also, I did not take screenshots when I got error messages.

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    Kelsey Collins

    Hi Jong,

    Our Support team uses a ticketing system to communicate with our users directly about issues they may be experiencing while using Schoology.

    Since this page is a public forum, we encourage users to submit tickets to communicate directly and privately with our Support team.

    Submitting a ticket using the button in the upper right corner of this screen is the best way to contact a member of the Schoology team who can help troubleshoot this issue with you.

    Kelsey Collins

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