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Grade report in ipad app needs help!


The grades screen in the ipad app:

1) does not show students whether they have submitted assignments or not.

2) It does not show their score until they open the individual assignment.

3) It also does not allow them to get to the assignment from the grades screen

The combination of these limitations makes it almost impossible for the students to find assignments. They can't see any revisions or annotations, they have to remember which assignment they are looking for and then go drilling through the materials folders.

There has to be a better way for students to see what they have already done and what they have to do in Schoology in general, but the grades tab in the ipad app definitely needs an overhaul!

At the very least, I think it would be reasonable to ask that the same grade report from the web browser be used for the app!


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    Kelley Wills

    Helping students manage their assignments should be top priority and the app does not provide an easy mechanism for this. I completely agree with the above suggestions. Please make it less tedious for our students to check their submissions and grades.

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    As both a parent and a teacher using this app, I agree. It is would be so much better if these things would change. We're all in the same boat - to help kids succeed, but if the information isn't there accurately, then we continue to fight an uphill battle. I am in favor of updating the app. The changes you've made so far after our requests have been wonderful, please consider this as well.

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    Ms. Werner Thomas

    What if the upcoming list turned into a list of unsubmitted assignments, instead?

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    Tami Reed

    List of Assignments not submitted needs to happen!

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    Señor Vangel

    Thanks for the support everyone! This is getting a lot of up-votes, so hopefully Schoology will take it into consideration.

    The more I think about this, I really think there needs to be an "Assignments" section, and that assignments should not be a part of the "Materials" section. I think that would actually be a really simple way to give us what we're talking about. The Students can just open up Schoology, go to "Assignments", and there they should be able to see what they have done, what they have to do, and when it's due / what is next in their Student Completion path.


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    Mrs. GOCHOEL

    we sooo need this!

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