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Category Grades


Add the option to see a category grade score in the gradebook when selecting a category.

Currently, selecting the category in the Gradebook only filters to display that category's graded materials, and does not calculate a category total.

Our report card necessitates category scores. Digging through the analytics icon next to each student is cumbersome.


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    Charles Black Comentario oficial

    Hello All,

    Very happy to let you know that viewing Grading Categories Scores in the gradebook is now LIVE!!!

    For full details, visit:

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    Anne Dumontier

    Yes, we need to see the overall category grade for each categories in the gradebook, the same way students see it. Right now students get more information than teachers.

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    Mr. Fowler

    This is a pretty basic requirement for schools. In Schoology it seems there is no way of seeing a grade for each category and setting weights for each assignment.. So every year teachers are having to make up a separate spreadsheet and import all the Schoology grade books just so they can calculate grades. Really, if this is a tool for teachers, it should be able to do this by now.

    Also, the gradebook only displays 5 columns, even when you zoom out in the browser! Please condense it so we can see all the data without constantly scrolling up and down and left and right in a small pain with large, padded text. Surely it is known that classes have up to around 25 kids, so displaying 25 rows should be something the grade book can do easily. People that cannot see small text can always use the zoom feature of their browser.

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    Laurie Drumm

    I agree. I haven't been able to even find Category grades in Analytics. Is it there? CAn you let me know how to find it?

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    Tyler Vance

    If you got to the Gradebook (left column) then select Grade Setup, scroll down until "Hiding of Course and Grading Period Grades". Make sure "Hide grading period grades from student reports" is not checked. This will allow you to see category percentages in individual students reports. As another user has mentioned, it is very cumbersome to have to click on each student to see these scores. Schoology seems to require a lot more clicks than other technology I use. It has some great tools, but I find it overly cumbersome as a teacher. More drag and drop technology would be greatly appreciated.

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    Kathleen Smith, M.A.

    I agree. I need to show students two grades for each class. They have to have two passing grades, not an average.

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    Mr. Wood

    Agreed. This is really overdue and causes real problems with the use of the gradebook. Teachers need to identify  a variety of category gradescores, not simply a calculated overall score. This is becoming a real source of frustration for teachers in my school as we now use the gradebook for continuous reporting and assessment but they cannot look at specific categories of marks within a grading period.

    Schoology needs to respond to this and create this option.

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