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Gradebook: Add Grade Column


Please enable the "set due date" for this feature.

Please enable the date 'assigned' for this column.

While it may not MEAN due, it does let me indicate the date it was used. ex: I created a column for a quiz and would like to indicate the date of that quiz. These feature would allow me to do so.

Thanks for considering.


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    Yes! This is very important and a gap in the program. I like being able to add a grade column instead of an assignment because I don't want everything I grade to show up as an assignment - BUT - I still need it to be dated for accountability purposes. I need to be able to show my admin that dates of all work that I grade.

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    Stephanie Kajpust

    I totally agree with this.  Some assignments are quizzes in class, and I don't want to have to add a whole assignment for it - just a grade column.  The ability to add when it was assigned would allow me to sort these columns by due date!

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    Mr. Minich

    Yes, please allow added grade column's for individual classes be given a due date. Besides confusing students with out-of-order columns, it makes synchronizing with my external gradebook difficult or impossible. Interestingly if two or more courses are linked, a due date can be given to "added grade columns."

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    Brandon Ray

    Agreed. I use Schoology for entering all of my grades, and my materials folders are a nightmare. A lot of the day-to-day items would be great to simply have as columns, but they also need to be dated for what we're doing. Please add this!

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    I actually didn't notice this discrepancy at first because my school uses an upgraded version of Schoology where I can "link" sections of classes together. With "linked" sections, adding a grade column to the grade book does allow me to add a Due Date. This year I have a single section of a course, and for some reason the feature of adding a Due Date in a grade column is not available for the single section. This to me is an odd situation, please consider changing this Schoology! Thank you! 

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    Virginia Leskowski

    So, because I have linked sections, I can set a due date on a grade column, but my colleagues who do not have linked sections cannot set a due date. What is that all about?

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    Madame Moore

    Thanks for you post.  Yes I discovered this problem last night.  I felt like I was going crazy.  9 of my 10 class are linked and the singleton would not let me put in a due date!!

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    Deborah Lee

    oh my gosh--I thought I was nuts.  It doesn't let me put in a due date for a grade column that I've added, but it lets the teacher downstairs.  I'm new to Schoology this year and the experienced user is telling me I've got some type of setting wrong or that I'm doing things incorrectly.  Now I see from the post above (Angela) that its because I have unlinked classes and the teacher downstairs has linked classes.

    Do we think someone will fix this?  I can't send any of my grades to our other system because they have to have a due date so it's really making a mess of my gradebooks.

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    Emily Odell

    You can add due dates if you bulk edit your gradebook. So first you add grade column. Then go to bulk edit and it will let you add a due date. It's ridiculous that they won't let you add it when you're making it, but at least you can add it later.

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