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Default value for quiz points


Please allow us to set the default value for test/quiz points so that we don't have to change 10 pts to 1 pt for every question, every test, every time. It would be best to have a setting that individuals can choose, but at the very least, change 10 to 1. I don't know anyone who makes all their questions worth 10 pts. 1 is the most common.


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    Charles Black Comentario oficial
    Great News Schoologites! 
    We heard your feedback loud and clear. We are happy to report that Schoology test/quiz questions now default to 1 point instead of 10. 
    As always, thank you for your feedback and keep it coming, we LOVE to hear your ideas!
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    Margie Matthews

    Yes please! This is a long overdue feature....

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    Diana Duncan

    Yes, this is a huge issue. Edmodo made it much easier!

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    Shari Gunderson

    Ditto. Educators will specify when a question is worth more than one point. At minimum, change the default for T/F and M/C questions.

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    Mr. Leisen

    Holy smokes. This is a persistent frustration. I've written hundreds of quiz questions, most of which are ONE point, not ten. 

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    Stephen Eldredge

    Yes! Yes! Yes!  This is really annoying, and I see that you still haven't done anything about in the 15 months since the request was first made!  Why not???

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    Sandra Rogers

    We just had this request from our nursing department.  I'm surprised it has not been resolved!  Does Schoology moderate these community blogs or have expert users provide answers?

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    Agreed. Please change this feature to be defaulted at 1 point per question. Nothing is more annoying than seeing quiz grades where I find one question left at the default 10 points and students failing because it is now 50% of their grades. I do not know a single teacher that has normal quiz questions worth more than one point, certainly not 10.

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    Mr. W. McKeever

    I have recommended to everyone at our school to leave the Schoology platform for school year 2017-2018 due to this default point value issue. 

    It is truly a joke as is the programming department for this terrible platform.  Blackboard and Canvas have had this feature since I started using them in 2001. 

    Moodle is also an option. 

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    Mr. Thom

    It seems like this would be a simple change to make. Please change the default value to 1!

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    Josh Martinsen

    I think it would make the most sense to set the default to each question 1 point and then we can change it from there to more points if necessary.

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