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I am from Malaysia and I am very pleased to have schoology as a medium for communication between the lecturers and students.

Here I want to make a request suggestion from Schoology to implement and develop a Schoology Mobile App for Windows Phone. I am a college student and any updates will be informed by lecturers through this medium. I am very sad because there is no application for that platform because i'm a Windows Phone user. I'm sure that there are students and lecturers that are using the same platform as me out there. So, I am hoping that the app for Windows Phone will be available.



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    Robert Cabral Comentario oficial

    Hi Luqman,

    Thank you for your feedback!

    Unfortunately, we do not currently have a Windows app for Schoology. However, it is something that we are definitely considering!

    Please feel free to add your feedback to an existing feature request in our Community Feature Requests forum:

    When you upvote an idea, you let us know that the feature is important to you, and our Development Team takes these suggestions into consideration when planning improvements to Schoology.


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    Jessa Williams

    I agree. I am a teacher who uses schoology, as well as a parent and now a grad student whose college uses it. So, to have it as an app on my window phone is very helpful.

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    Abby Deibel

    I too am a teacher and parent who would like to see a schoology app for windows' phones!

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