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Assignment Submission notifications


It would be helpful to be able to choose to receive notifications on assignment submitted after the due date.

It is overwhelming to receive notification on ALL assignment submissions, but after the due date the teacher may not check as often. Receiving notifications on late assignments would be helpful so the teacher knows to go back and grade the assignment.


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    Matthew Whittaker

    I agree. Another idea I had was to change the way the late notifications were cued. So instead of cueing the notification because a student did not submit anything, instead change it so that when a teacher put a MISSING icon (this need to be added to the gradebook features but would also be extremely helpful) that missing icon would cue the late notification to be sent to the student.

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    Mr. Petitt

    Notifications of late quiz/test submissions would be another great feature. Right now I have to remind students to email me when they turn a Schoology quiz/test in late. Otherwise, I have to spend lots of time searching through grades to find missing ones, or late submissions.

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    I agree - more flexibility with assignment notifications would be great.  It's not as necessary to be notified on/near the due date because the teacher will go in anyway to grade the work and so many notifications is overwhelming.  It would be nice to have the ability to:

    • Be notified anytime a student submits (including late/missing/zeros)
    • Be notified only when a student submits something in the cases mentioned above
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    Katie Smith

    I agree.  I would like to have notifications of all of them though.  

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    Paul Schlangen

    This would be very helpful!

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    Ms. LEHTO

    Yes, yes yes, It is SO difficult to be sure I have gotten to everything and I have been burned, especially when a kid resubmits.  Schoology does not make this very clear.  We need a way to mark notifications as red and completed, we need to be able to sort by class and assignment, and we need to be able to view re-submissions and late submissions much more clearly than we do now.  I can't stress enough how the lack of notification options has burned me on more than one occasions and it needs to be a priority in later releases.  And you CANNOT lump submissios together that were taken on two different days!  I had a girl take a test but forgot to submit, so she submitted it the next day.  Her name is included in the bulk notification from the day before.  How am I supposed to know she did it and remember?  We have to use a separate gradebook at our school!

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    Mary Donbrosky

    I also agree!

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    Teachers are often asking for this feature, Especially teachers who teach course that are more open/loose with due dates or offer a lot of student choice. It would be helpful to have some visual cue IN THE GRADEBOOK that something was turned in late that is automatically triggered when the student turns it in. (I know I can manually mark something late). 

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    Patricia Creveling

    YES YES YES - please add a visual cue to the assignment that it was submitted after the due date/time.  For example, instead of "completed" in green, why doesn't it say "Submitted Late" in red?

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    Marshall Edens

    Perhaps this forum has been designed by Schoology to only allow comments by the teachers in the thread, but has anyone (in this thread or in general) had someone from Schoology contact them about their concerns? As I read this thread, it is March 2019 and perhaps the "Missing" button was entered since it began, but as far as I can tell, nothing else has been added. I am not naive in believing everyone's suggestions will be adopted, but again, has anyone heard back from Schoology on these issues?

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    Christine Sklareski

    If an assessment is assigned and then subsequently flagged as "missing" in the gradebook, when a student completes the assessment, the score automatically comes into the gradebook and overrides the "missing". This can cause a teacher to lose track of assessments that should be marked late. The test/quiz feature requires the teacher to acknowledge the late submission before automatically including the score in the gradebook. Can this acknowledgement feature be added to the Assessments too?

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