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Can you move a Grade Column?


Can I move a grade column once I have defined one. I would prefer it to be the first column in my gradebook.


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    Julie Yoon Comentario oficial

    Hi Rick,

    This feature isn't currently available on Schoology, but I've moved your question to the Community Feature Request area so that other users can search for this idea and "upvote" it as well.


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    Mr. Rathier

    Definitely something I would like to see. It seems when adding a grade book column it just randomly places it.

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    Sarah Leshay

    Please please please. The inability to move a grade column in the gradebook makes it impossible for me to match my Schoology gradebook to my required online one by the school. If I upload one thing out of order or try to pre-load materials, it is impossible.

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    Gilda Gearhart

    This is a top request of the teachers at my school!

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    I agree, this would be nice to have.

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    Scott Hawley

    Please yes. Currently the column "Lab 8" comes before "Lab 1" and there's no way to fix it because if you enter it as "Add Grade Column" it doesn't let you put in a due date. Neither ordering by Date Created or Due Date has the appropriate effect.

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    William Lawrence

    Yes, this would be a most helpful feature.  Let us move columns backward and forward.  Please add this.

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    Andrew Richards

    So, in reading this, the issue was identified 4 years ago and nothing has been done to make this simple change?? Wow. Not much help. My columns are not in sequence for tracking assignment completions.

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    William Lawrence

    I find it astonishing that Schoology is so sluggish about sensible changes and features.  SchoolTool was much more responsive.  Unfortunately, I am not the person who decides on this program/online grade management for my District.  For whatever this service costs annually, the users should have much greater say in identifying shortcomings of the program.

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    Kari Hildreth

    I would absolutely appreciate if this feature were made available in the near future. Thank you for your consideration! 

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    Jeanette Corn

    My school just switched from another management system to Schoology. I am used to rearranging grading columns and really miss that feature! Definitely need it. Hoping it becomes a part of Schoology very soon.

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    Mascardo Mathematics

    There is a work -around to it. 

    If you label your assignment / test title with a numeric order, it will order accordingly:  For example, instead of naming your assignments and tests and labs as such:

    Lab 2

    Lab 1

    Test 1

    Test 2

    Assignment 1

    And you want to order them as Lab 1, Assignment 1, Test 1 Lab 2, Test 2,  label them this way:

    001) Lab 1
    002) Assignment 1
    003) Test 1
    004) Lab 2
    005) Test 2

    and say you had to insert another column for a make up test 1 in between test 1 and lab 2, you can enter for example the following insert:

    003a) Make Up Test 1

    And it will be ordered from left to right according to the increasing numbered labels.

    001) Lab 1 002) Assignment 1 003) Test 1 003a) Make Up Test 1 004) Lab 2 ..etc

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