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Assignment Posting Date and Due Date


My name is Jim Parry and I am a 6th grade English teacher and Technology Integration Specialist in Stewartville, MN. I do Schoology staff development for our school district and have done trainings for several schools all over SE MN. I am attending the Schoology NEXT Conference in Denver this June and have submitted a proposal to Schoology to be a presenter there as well. Just a suggestion, as I know I contacted the help desk about this before, but the issue came up at our Technology Integration Specialist meeting this morning. Many of our teachers are posting assignments as a part of an entry for each day that includes related classwork from that day and directions on how to start/complete the assignment. We have been posting them the day that it is assigned instead of the day it is due. We do this because it makes sense that when students get home, they look at their Schoology calendar for that day and what was assigned. We prefer to have them look at their calendars instead of going through the folders, because the calendar causes far less confusion (excuses). The suggestion I received in an earlier request ticket was to do another entry for the due date. That just would not work to double up. Our students have anywhere from 5-9 teachers and for all of them to double up on postings would make the calendar so cluttered it would be unuseable. My suggestion would be to add the option of having both a posting date and due date for assignments. The way many of our teachers take care of this is to post assignments as an event, but this takes away the option of submitting it through Schoology. To have a posting and end or due date would eliminate this issue. Just a suggestion, as this has been one of the biggest issues we are having as a district with Schoology.


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    Angela Organ

    I like this suggestion as well. We forget that HS students take many more classes than college students, and not all students are adept at keeping so much online work straight. Anything we can do to make the platform more user friendly for students would be beneficial, and I think Mr. Parry's suggestion would do just that. 

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    Colin Bridgewater

    There are many reasons why teachers would want to create Assignments but have them not yet visible to students. The suggested workaround to put an Assignment in a Folder and then set a date for the Folder to be published would make for a rather messy layout that would be time-consuming to navigate. It would be much appreciated if users could just set a publication date for each Assignment (and if that field is left blank, the Assignment gets published immediately). 

    Sometimes a teacher will be out of school, and in planning for a substitute teacher to lead the class doesn't want students to see Assignments before a lesson has been taught.

    We have plenty of teachers at our school who plan a whole unit in advance but don't want the students to jump ahead before they have learned certain concepts.

    In addition, adding a start date will allow teachers to communicate with students how much time they should be spending on a particular assignment.

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    Kris Grant

    I agree, please add!

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    Kathleen Colwell

    Mr. Parry - I too would like to have a post and due date for the assignemnt. Did you ever receive an answer on how to do this with an assignment?

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    Sarah Dyer

    A posting date would be a help.

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    Eric Boberg

    Simply teaching students to look to the next class period for what they have to prepare is the easiest solution to this problem. "It's Thursday. Let's look at the calendar to see what you have due tomorrow so that you can work on it." I think sometimes people are just so familiar with one way of working that they don't see how another way could possibly work. By the way if you have a posting and a due date for the assignment, then it would appear in the calendar on both those dates and clutter the calendar. You wouldn't want a student to have to open the assignment to see when it is due.

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