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Unable to post to discussion board or reset password


Since I have started in this course, I have been unable to logon with a password. I have to request a new temporary password/log-on each time. The site tells me to change my password, however, there is no link to do this.

Furthermore, today I am unable to post any answers to the discussion links. The area is grayed out and will not accept my posts. Other students are posting today, I can see their work.


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    Jonathan Lyons Comentario oficial

    Hi Michelle,

    It looks like you currently have an open support ticket regarding this issue. I am going to go ahead and update the ticket with information on how to reset your password, and further instructions to help us resolve your other issue.


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    Lindy Fulcher

    We are having the same discussion board issue.  There is no way to post to the discussion board.  No hyper link, no radio button, and after viewing the page source, it appears there is no link in the source code.  How do we get the link?

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