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can I default a zero for work not submitted ?


Grades seem to only be calculated by percentage of completed assignments. If a student does 2 of the 10 assignments and gets a 100 on them it shows their grade as 100%. If I manually change them to zeros it's hard to grade their makeup submissions. Am I missing something?


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    Stephen Lee Comentario oficial


    You may consider watching this request thread for the ability to receive notifications for revisions: This way, you will be able to add 0s for the late/missing submissions, and still receive a notification when the assignment is finally submitted. We will add updates to the request thread regarding the implementation of this feature.


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    Ms. Oelschlager

    This is not a solution, especially when you have over a hundred students! To manually change all the unsubmitted to 0s is time consuming and then to try to stay on top of the notifications for submitted work? Impossible! Middle and High school teachers might get over a hundred notifications in a day!

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    Jana Downey

    I wonder if there could be an option window just like the available time window (where you decide when the item is accessible) that determined when to enter "0" due to no attempt? Example: If the time window the item is available closes at 10pm you could then have the "0" entered at 5am the following morning. I have 170 students and this is a time consuming task. When I have to this is feel like I am back in 1990!

    I would also like to be able to set a time notification- some type of alert system which notifies the students of an upcoming window closing at a set time. At 5pm it sends them a text message which says, "This assignment is due today at 8pm." Then I would have less "0s" to enter.

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