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Many of our teachers use points to figure grades so it would be valuable to be able to see total points for the class and total points for each student because not all assignments are 100 points.


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    Ching Ng Comentario oficial


    Thank you so much for your patience and I sincerely apologize for the delay.

    The ability to see a Total Points Column has been released:

    The total points column is currently for the overall term grade, however I know that total points per category/grading period is much needed. We will be sure to make a note of it for the team so that we can plan for it in the future release!

    Thank you,

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    Mrs. Baasch


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    Glen Irvin

    Would love to see this added!!

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    Brenda Knobloch


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    Mrs. George

    In addition to the average displayed in both my gradebook and on the individual student's grade page, I would like to see total points earned out of the total number of points available. I also think it would be nice to see total points earned in each category.

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    Mr. Shabanowitz

    Schoology please add this option suggested by Alison George below...this would be highly beneficial!

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    Jedi Master VanScoyoc

    Yes, please add a Total Points column or option to change % to points. Category or Period Total Points would be an added bonus. Currently have to export to csv every time to do this :-(

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    Crosby Tajan

    Yes! Add this please.

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    Laura Rossier

    You've added this option now which is nice and all... but you only added it for the overall term grade!!  This is not helpful after term 1!!!  Could we have a breakdown of total points per term?? Please!!!

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    Mrs. Pam Schroeder

    Teachers really want to see points earned/points possible per student. Total points available in a course doesn’t mean anything. If a student is excused from an assignment or points are added based on assignments to grading groups the points are off. Each student has his/her own possible points based on multiple factors. Cumulative points for an entire school year is not helpful. If anything it is confusing. We are recommending teachers turn off or hide the total points column. Please work on this feature.

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