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Weighted grading isn't correct when student has a 0 on an assignment


I have weighted grading set up for my courses, and it seems to be working fine-- so far the overall grade generated for each student for the 1 paper (10% of the final grade) and 1 exam (20% of the final grade) is accurate. BUT this is not the case when a student has a 0 on a paper. For some reason, if the student has a 0 on a paper that is worth 10% of their grade, and got an 86% on their exam, it averages their grade to be a 56%. Since their other grades aren't in yet, then even missing the 10% of the paper grade, they should still have more than a 56% in the course. What's going on?


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    Julie Yoon Comentario oficial

    Hi Professor Christensen,

    This issue sounds like one that might be best handled by the Schoology Help Desk. You can submit a ticket to reach our Support Team by clicking on the "Submit a request" link near the top of this page.


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    Tim McKnight

    Actually - the 56 seems right to me for a weighted average ... here's why.
    with only the exam and paper in the gradebook you have 30% of the overall grades set up. (20% exam, 10% paper, 70% something else)
    So ... with 30% set up - that is the whole grade 30%=100% so to speak. So that means, that the course is currently 67% exam and 33% paper - until the rest of the categories are set up and have grades entered. Weighted grades are tricky some times - but I think that the result is correct. (I am currently a "GradeQuick" user and have been for 16 years - we are considering a move to a different LMS and that's how I got here to your question)

    What I came here for was information on how to set up weighted categories - I don't have my answer yet - but hope that I"ve helped you with yours.



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