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Make corrections to Test/Quiz


When attempting a test/quiz allow students to correct and re-enter only the ones that were wrong on the first attempt without re-entering the whole assignment.


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    Joanne Hall

    Agreed, this feature would help immensely with Mandatory Reporting requirements where students need to achieve 100% to acquire mastery. This way they can correct the ones they got wrong without changing correct responses.

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    Rick Bray

    I too would love to see this feature added. It seems much more practical for me to help a stuggling student on 1 problem via feedback, then having them try to apply something already confusing them to a NEW situation/problem each time. Please incorporate this!!!

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    Shauna Polson

    Thank you for posting this. I was just about to ask the same question.

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    Shana Dulin

    PLEASE add this feature! In the meantime, you can allow your students to open TWO tabs in Google, both logged into Schoology. Set the test so they can take it twice (under settings within the test). Make the test set so students can see their submissions (without correct answers). Then they use two tabs, run the questions through. They can essentially "copy" the correct answers and re-answer the ones they got wrong. This is more time consuming, but the only way I have found to allow students to make corrections.

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    Susan Bourenane

    This would be so very helpful. I feel so bad that my students have to re-answer questions they've already correctly answered before just to correct the answers for the missed items. Please seriously consider this feature. Thank you.

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    Emily Mulpuri

    I would also like that option.  It would also be very helpful if you allowed for a new essay box after the missed question to explain why the answer is correct.

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    Amy Mailloux

    Agreed.  I use the "test" feature for students to enter their math homework answers.  Then student can make corrections to their errors.  It would be nice for them to only have to re-enter the answers they are trying to correct. 

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