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Ability to search for a file, folder, resource, or material


When you search, it brings up un-helpful courses out-there in the Schoology Universe...but what I need to look for is a quiz which I made but filed somewhere and now, I can't find it...a page I filed in a logical folder, but not one I can find now...or just because it's much faster to go to the search box and type the name of the material...and not click through 8 things to get to it.


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    Charles Black Comentario oficial

    Hello All,

    Thank you everyone for providing your feedback regarding this issue.  We have shared your feedback with our Product Team as they continue to consider improvements in Schoology.

    For now, the best way of accomplishing this is via Jonathan Barkand's workaround.

    "Though the current workaround we explain is to copy your entire course to your personal resources, which can then be searched under resources (Personal, Public, and Group)."

    Although this may take a few clicks to get setup, it offers both a convenient way to search materials within a course while also backing up the course in Resources.

    We will continue to explore better methods for navigating and locating materials in Schoology. Thank you, once again for providing your feedback.

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    Ms. Cohen

    A more robust search feature would be GREAT! Students would love the ability to easily search their course materials this way.

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    Karen Davison

    YES! I would like the ability to search within the Group resources.

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    Matthew Montagne

    I completely agree, Evan. A federated search tool to find files across groups, courses (current and archived), resources, etc would be a big win. Right now users need to know where a file is to find it OR they need to hunt through a series of directories. A bit arcane in a world of search IMO.

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    Joan O'Neill

    Hearty agreement with the need for an effective search function. Its lack has kept our staff and parents from jumping into Schoology, and is proving frustrating to returning teachers. Thanks!

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    Dabney Standley

    Yes! This would really help extend the usability of the platform.

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    Jonathan Barkand

    The search at the top for group/courses is nice, but as the original poster explained, sometimes you just are not sure which course the material is listed in. Now that the new materials filter is created, a little search feature next to it might help. Though the current workaround we explain is to copy your entire course to your personal resources, which can then be searched under resources (Personal, Public, and Group).

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    Eric Hall

    YES! A search feature for Materials (of any type) within a Course or Resources would be very useful.

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    Ivan Traylor

    This ability to search needs to be added very badly, as well as the ability to print out a test.  Two big things to address!

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    I would love to see some sort of response from the admins. The program is lacking a very basic function.

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    Abby Alger

    I wanted to comment to hopefully get this on Schoology's radar again. A search function is so needed. 


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