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Export questions from test/quiz to another program for printing


Not all students have adjusted to electronic testing.  Currently, printing a test or quiz is difficult at best, with a low-quality result.  An ability to export to a program such as Word or Pages would be very helpful and useful.


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    Troy Caddy (4803797)

    Yes, our school district is begging for this option. Many sped students are not ready or able to take the test on the line. Just looking for any feedback on this potential before we start looking at another lms.....

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    I guess an extended question to this would be that is anything exportable from the system other than stats under the free version, for example to a IMSCC or SCORM package. Another free cloud LMS does have the option to export to such packages but has a steep learning curve.

    Thanks for any potential input!

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    Michael Bridgehouse

    The work around solution that I have found is to with in your web browser (Chrome). Open your exam, choose preview exam. Choose to save your web page (complete). open saved web page in IE or other browser that has the capabilities to print the page. I chose print as PDF. You can then choose to edit or hand out.... Hope this helps

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