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I would like to see a Seating Chart option in Schoology. Previous tools allowed us to take the class list and create a printable seating chart from it. It also had a random option (it would determine a random seating chart, which we could then adjust).


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    Kim Nidy

    We are also using the Enterprise version and a feature that our teachers are begging for. The previous gradebook program we used allowed for seating charts and this is very difficult for our staff to lose in our transition to Schoology.

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    Mrs. Stadler

    A seating chart is a must. It does need to randomize seats. It also needs you to be able to customize the look of the classroom. That means put seats and rows or put seats in groups or put seats in any Arrangement the teacher prefers. I would also like it to be able to seat students based on performance. For example be able to create homogenious or heterogeneous groups based on current performance in the class. The great book we currently use does all of this.

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    Jason Noonan

    We just started using the Enterprise version and this is a popular request from our school.

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    Francisco Perez (Franky)

    Seating chart would be AWESOME, especially one that allows you to randomize the students from time to time.

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    Jared Weintraub

    I would love to see seating charts in schoology.  Especially if I could assign grades to students through the seating chart.  Please put a randomized seating generator too (like easy grade pro).

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    Where is the basic ability to create a seating chart?!

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    A basic randomized seating chart needs to be upvoted?  It is standard on many other LMS...

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    Charles Black

    Hi Michael,

    This post is a Feature Idea created by the Schoology Community in order to share and request new features and functionality to the Schoology Team. Please consider upvoting this idea is you would like to see this feature in the future.

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